Dairy HerdShare

Our Dairy Herd Shares are available to anyone who is looking for a healthy milksource of delicious raw milk. We sell herd shares for cattle, goats, and sheep. Shares are limited, so contact us for pricing and availability.

What is a HerdShare?

A herdshare (also known as a cowshare) is a legal agreement between a farmer and a consumer in which the consumer purchases part of a dairy herd or cow and pays a regular fee for upkeep of their share of the herd or cow. Normally a Bill of Sale is executed, and often an Agistment or “grazing” agreement is drafted and signed as well. Since the consumer owns a share of the herd, they are legally entitled to a share of the herd production.

Why can't I buy milk by the gallon?

The State of Texas prohibits unlicensed sales of raw milk. In order to obtain licensure, dairies must have indoor milking parlors, special bottling rooms, monitored chilling, and they must submit milk samples each month for various required testing. The State also requires certain testing of the animals used in the milk line, such as brucellosis and tuberculosis. The license costs $800 per two years plus monthly inspection fees based on volume of milk produced. Farmers who are licensed Grade A Raw for Retail are not permitted to transport the milk anywhere. Consumers must always purchase at the farm.

These regulations place a heavy burden on small operations in terms of equipment and facility costs, license costs, and ability to assist customers in obtaining their dairy products. Some farmers opt to sell their herd instead and work as a sort of housekeeper, in much the same way as you might hire someone to cook your meals. Herdshares significantly reduce the costs to farmers and they help the farmer to manage the herd more knowledgeably. The farmer never has to wonder how many gallons of milk he will sell that week—he doesn’t sell milk at all! He only has to ensure the herd owners pick up their share of production. There is much security for both farmer and consumer in being able to anticipate and plan for milk production.

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