Our cattle are 100% grass-fed – not grass finished – and they eat pasture for as long as it grows. In the winter we feed our cattle large round bales of locally sourced hay, and supplement with sprouted fodder grown right here on the farm.



We milk Guernsey cows in our dairy program. Guernsey’s are known for their rich, creamy, golden milk. Most Guernsey cows produce A2 milk, which has been shown to be more easily digested than other cows milk. We have had lactose intolerant customers RAVE about drinking our milk! Our dairy cows are 100% grass fed and receive NO grain. At milking time, the girls get sprouted fodder with a bit of minerals... and molasses as a treat 🙂


Murray Greys & Longhorns

We raise a combination of Murray Grey and Texas Longhorn cattle because they have been proven to thrive in a grass-fed only program. Our beef cattle are well cared for and raised by their mothers right here on our farm. We never use hormones, antibiotics, or steroids and the cows live happy lives outside. They are butchered using humane methods and are Texas inspected at the processing facility.