Our pigs are free to roam the pastures here at Haley’s Homestead.

Copyright David Flowers

They enjoy a varied diet combining farmed and native grass, alfalfa, nuts, and bugs from the pastures in combination with sprouted fodder, garden scraps, eggs from our free range hens, and raw dairy products from our goats, cows, and sheep. The pigs spend a great deal of their time outside in the fresh air, and are free to root and graze. They’re only inside for shelter from the elements, or whenever they choose.

The pigs receive no antibiotics, hormones, or artificial supplements over their lifetime.

Pasture raising adds real value to the meat. A pastured pig is always on fresh grass doing what God intended them to do; root, dig, and run. This definitely improves the quality of the meat and the quality of the animal's life. At Haley’s Homestead, we don't raise ordinary pigs, we raise Happy Pigs!

We focus on the heritage breeds Large Black and Gloucestershire Old Spot, and almost always have cute little piglets running around the farm!